Supporting the Dreams of Northern New Mexico Teens

Developing Skills that Foster Health & Academic Performance

Free Programs Year Round

Opportunities for Hands-On Art & Agriculture

Promoting Investment in Communities

Congrats to NYP’s Raffle Prize Winners!

Thank You to all who contributed to make our Annual Raffle a success!

About Northern Youth Project

Northern Youth Project (NYP) was founded by teens in 2009 as a platform to develop skills that foster health, academic performance, and personal investment in their communities and the environment, for a brighter tomorrow today.

The initiative works to support the outcomes and opportunities for rural Northern New Mexico youth through hands-on art, agriculture, community service, and leadership projects that honor the past and look to the future.

Northern Youth Project serves young people ages 5 to 21, providing FREE programs and activities year-round. The project works to empower teens in putting ideas into action: initiating projects they want to do, focusing on their interests, and engaging in activities driven by their passions.