We raised almost $3,000.00 in ticket sales!

We also raised an additional $3,000.00 for our #givingtuesday end-of-year fundraiser totalling almost $6,000.00 to kick off Spring 2023 Programs! We are ever thankful to have this funding as we begin our Spring Programming & focus on continuing our Paid Teen Internships, procuring a greenhouse, & finally, building or purchasing a shed to safely hold our lovely seeds & earth-based medicine.

Here are our lucky winners. Our Fundraising Assistant, Veronica, will be in contact with you all to confirm how you would like to receive your prize so keep an eye out for a call from 505-221-6594 or an email from info@northernyouthproject.org

Grand Prize: CORD OF WOOD: Samia Van Hattum!! 
Santa Fe Children’s Museum Family Passes: Scott Davis, Mary Shoemaker, Penny Davies, Deb Barbe, Mike Martin, Daryl Lucero * Santa Fe Raptor Center: Earl Salazar * Ghost Ranch Landscape Tour: Kate Jacobson * El Farolito: Terra Hite, Kathy Campbell * Cafe Sierra Negra: Bruce & Caroline Smith, Andrea Kyte * Rio Chama Steakhouse: Joan Davidge