Art Programs

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Art, writing, and other creative projects—from traditional techniques to contemporary practices—offer teens an opportunity to explore their world while connecting to diverse cultural resources and the community’s wealth of talent and knowledge.

Local and visiting artists, and mentors, teach workshops in an expansive range of disciplines, including photography, poetry, drawing, mural painting, pottery, graffiti, printing and recycled art. A mural wall located at the Northern Youth Project Garden is always available for teens to express themselves freely.

Artworks created by youth are showcased and sold at local venues and events, building self-confidence and introducing them to new community connections and their peers. NYP offers paid art internships. By linking creativity and education to community engagement, NYP’s programs also serve as a vehicle for teens to better understand their role in the community, and take a stand on issues that matter to them.

 Summer 2020 Art Programming

This summer we are moving from the spring  bi-monthly Zoom Art  Hangouts to in person Art Programming. We have had an Art Challenge each week that NYP teens have one week to submit their artwork to share via social media.  We look forward to starting the Art program following CDC guidelines in the garden, in the open air this summer. We will be creating earth based art this summer, working with the garden program to build and beautify the space. As well as offering a creative outlet for youth to express themselves in a creative way.

Funders and Supporters


Although Northern Youth Project teens raise some of their own revenue, it is with the help from many generous individuals, organizations, and local businesses that our programs are made possible. The Northern Youth Project Garden Site is provided by Tres Semillas Foundation, In our early years, Luciente, Inc., a community-based, 501(c)(3) organization, was our initial fiscal sponsor who supported us in the  beginning of the initiative. In 2015, Northern Youth Project became it's own 501(c)(3); made possible by our dedicated community and grantors! 

In 2015, the Santa Fe Community Foundation awarded Northern Youth Project a coveted Chispa Award, given to organizations who are a shining light (chispa) in their communities and do “a lot with a little.” Other important foundations who who have generously supported the early times of NYP include Clothing Helping Kids; Con Alma Foundation; United Way of Northern New Mexico; New Mexico Children’s Foundation; Northern Rio Grande National Heritage Area; Dr. Gerald J. & Dorothy R. Friedman Medical Foundation, Inc.; Farm to Table New Mexico; and the Abiquiú Studio Tour.

As we are in our 14th year of existence; this youth organization has also been supported by: El Rito Studio Tour; Schmidt Family Foundation; The Kindle Project; Tewa Women United; Santa Fe Community Foundation; McCune Charitable Foundation; No Kid Hungry; Los Alamos Community Foundation; Del Norte LOV Foundation; Northern Rio Grande National Heritage Foundation; Rio Arriba County Commissioner's; Whole Kids Foundation; New Mexico State University: Healthy Soils Program and East Rio Arriba Soil and Water Conservation District. 

This list wouldn't be complete without noting the local farmers and growers who provide support, mentorship, and earth-based goods to our youth and families: Abiquiu and Espanola Farmer;s Market; Owl Peak Farm; Mother Nature Center; Abiquiu Greens; Malandro Farms; Ojo Farms; ReUnity Resources; Payne's Nursery; Plants of the Southwest; Querencia Creations; One Straw Farm; Agua Fria Nursery and MANY MORE! We thank you all for Supporting the Dreams of Northern New Mexico Teens!  More than 2,500 volunteer hours and thousands of dollars worth of in kind goods and services are donated each year to keep our program—and youth—thriving.

As our Garden is our Home, for many years, we didn't have a building to operate out of or have year-round programming. In 2019, we partnered with Northern New Mexico College: El Rito Campus to have Winter Programming that was possible due to use of their student center. In 2020, we partnered with the Healing Center in Abiquiu, which allowed us to finally have an office space! We have also collaborated with the Dar al Islam Mosque to host special events and also have access to their lovely kitchen for year-round projects. 

More than 2,500 volunteer hours and thousands of dollars worth of in kind goods and services are donated each year to keep our program—and youth—thriving.